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Dimension House's second project has just been announced. It's a five book deluxe leather-bound set of Brian Lumley's The Dreamlands Series featuring the novels Hero of Dreams, Ship of Dreams, Mad Moon of Dreams, Iced on Aran and a yet-to-be-titled fifth book comprised of the remainder of the series that was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. After the fifth book is published, there will be a special slipcase designed that can be purchased to house the entire series.

Dimension House will be offering each of these novels as signed deluxe leather-bound hardcovers, limited to only 52 copies. Each book contains a foil stamped covers, special end papers and a bound-in ribbon marker. Full color frontispieces by Dave Kendall have been contracted for each book.


October 2004 - HERO OF DREAMS

Hero cover


Something vital is missing form David Hero's comfortable, ordinary existence. One day is much like the next, simple, predictable...boring.

But the nights! Each night David Hero finds himself transported to a marvelous world where brave men and women battle terrible creatures possessed of cruel, dark powers.

Despite his fears, the Dreamworlds tempt David, drawing him farther and farther from the waking world. Here he finds noble warriors; beautiful, loving women; and challenges almost greater than he can imagine.

February 2005 - SHIP OF DREAMS

Ship cover


Led by wickedly beautiful Queen Zura, the zombie armies of the dead are on the march. They will destroy the beautiful Dreamlands, making them a permanent, deadly nightmare.

Unaware of the marauding zombies, David Hero and his friend Eldin voyage through the clouds in a wondrous skyship. Their journey is interrupted by a pack of faceless night-gaunts, terrifying creatures, half-man and half-bat - and all evil!

David Hero is one of Zura's first targets. As a man of the waking world, he can withstand her terrible seductive power and shatter her shambling armies. David Hero must be the first Dreamlands hero to die.


Mad Moon cover


Swollen, glowing oddly in the gloom of night, the moon hangs lower and lower over the Dreamlands. Its weird, unearthly light transforms beautiful landscapes into twisted nightmares and imperils the sanity of any who walk abroad after sunset.

Beams of terrible power stab the unsuspecting earth, destroying the land, shattering buildings, and dragging people into the shrieking sky, straight toward the hellish moon!

David Hero, once a man of the waking world, finds himself fighting side by side with his worst enemies - Zura and her zombie armies, the Eidolon Lathi and her termite men - against the slimy, many-tentacled moon-monsters.

December 2005 - ICED ON ARAN



Atop the Dreamlands' most majestic mountain is an unusual sculpture garden, featuring statues of the Dreamlands' legendary heroes. For generations insane artists have created and tended the glistening statues of ice. Each hero is represented by twin portraits - perfectly matched except for the expressions of horror frozen into one of each pair!

Seated on a chilly rock, David Hero is the mad sculptor's newest subject. He sees nothing to account for the fear and dread on the faces that surround him. Until he attempts to rise from his pedestal - and discovers that the rock is not the only thing shrouded in ice!

Trapped by black sorcery, David Hero has only one chance at escape.



Final book in the set which collects the remainder of the series including some obscure novellettes and short stories taking place in the Dreamlands! This final edition will also contain a special introduction by Brian Lumley containing story notes on each story in the series and a special A-Z concordance of the series by W. Paul Ganley.