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What? Did you think that English was the only language that Brian had books published in? C'mon, you should know better than that. All over the globe Brian has seen print and the following pages show just a couple of different languages that carry his stories. Spanish and French happen to be where these titles originate from , and they are noted which is which in case you can't translate the covers (hey, we all can't be multi-lingual).

Enter the world of the Foreign Books, and experience the diversity this man has accomplished with some Dreams and Vampires....

last Updated - September 9, 2006


I've given you a list of everything that I know has been published. A lot of the titles will be in the appropriate language only and they will be a novel or a short story in an anthology. Most of the material will no longer be available but at least it's letting you know what has gone before. For the folks living in the actual country ... well, you just may have your special places to find obscure things like we do in USA and UK. Publication information on newer material is given where available. And please forgive any misspellings. Cheers ... Silky Lumley.

BELGIQUE: (Out of print titles to my knowledge.)

  • Necroscope. Wamphyri!. Phoenix Dossier Star Wars: Mirror of Nitocris. FeH de cthulhu mythologie. Huit Historires De Cthulhu


  • The Necroscope Series: 1. Nekroskop 2. Nekroskop II Vampyri! 3. Nekroskop III Zdroj 4. Nekroskop IV Rec Mrtvych 5. Nekroskop V Seme Mrtvych, 6. Nekroskop VI: Pokrevni Bratri, 7. Nekroskop VII: Posledni Hrad. 8. Nekroskop VIII: Valkyokrev, 9. Nekroskop XI: Ztracene Roky.

  • A short story collection called Nekros! It's got the Bob Eggleton cover from Fruiting Bodies.


  • The Titus Crow Series, Necroscope and Vamphyri!

FRANCE: (Out of print titles to my knowledge.)

  • Necroscope. Le heros des reves. Le vaisseau des reves. La lune des reves. Compartiment Terreau. Le Seigneur Des Vers. L'Avant-Poste Des Grands Aciens. L'Invincible Cthulhu. L'Abominable. #19 Le reveil de Cthulhu. #27 La Fureur de Cthulhu. #34 Les Abominations de Cthulhu. #40 Le demon du vent. #45 Les Lunes de Boree. de Sang & d'Encre. Le Chuchoteur (audios). Les Masques De La Peur. Requim Mag. -- Ozone Magazine-Fantastik Mag. Fiction: #280, 1977; #330, 1982; #342, 1983; #409, 1989.


  • The Necroscope series in volumes. Each book is being done in several volumes rather than one individual book for each title. Titles: 1. Necroscope: Das Erwachen, 2 Necroscope: Vampirblut, 3 Necroscope: Kreaturen Der Nacht, 4 Necroscope: Untot, 5 Necroscope: Totenwache, 6 Necroscope: Das Dämonentor, 7 Necroscope: Blutlust, 8 Necroscope: Höllenbrut, 9 Necroscope: Wechselbalg, 10 Necroscope: Duell Der Vampiare, 11 Necroscope: Totenhorcher, 12 Necroscope: Blutkuss 13 Necroscope: Konzil Der Vampire, 14 Necroscope: Grabgesang, 15 Necroscope: Blutsbruder, 16 Necroscope: Vampirwelt, 17 Necroscope: Nestors Rache, 18 Necroscope: Metamorphose, 19 Necroscope: Vorumlac.

  • If you follow and search for Necroscope or Brian Lumley you'll be able to see everything that's been done and a picture of them as well.

  • In the Links section you'll find a German fan named Thomas has translated a lot of stuff to his site. You can go there and have a look see at their jackets ... they are quite different from US and UK. Also: Festa-Verlag has taken over the publication of these books and they are starting by reissuing from number 1. They are also being done in a new format.

  • The Dreamlands series Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

  • Titus Crow 1: Sie Lauern in der Tiefe (The Burrowers Beneath).

  • Audio: Necroscope CD boxed set … Das Erwachen (“The Awakening”) … seven CDs, unabridged 7 hours and 45 minutes … read by Joachim Kerzel (who does Jack Nicholson’s voice over in the American films showing in Germany) … LPL Records, ISBN 3-935882-07-6. Also Necroscope: Vampirblut. Festa Verlag will be redoing the first Nec  set of CDs to match the new format of Wamphyri. Necroscope: Das Erwachen has now been released in the new format.

  • Audio: A two CD set called Necrophobia. It contains six short stories. It includes Back Row (In der letzten Reihe) this one is also read by Joachim Kerzel. And you can find that one at

  • Anthology: Vampirric, by H. G. Giger, editor, contains Necros.

  • Anthology: H. P. Lovecraft’s Bibliothek des Schreckens Der Cthulhu-Mythos 1917-1975. Born of the Winds and stories by others. Books can be purchased

  • Anthology: Necrophobia Meister Der Angst. Back Row. And yet another Necrophobia with The Thin People.

  • Anthology: Omen #2. This has a nice photo of Brian and Frank.

  • Out of print titles to my knowledge Das Universum der Phantasie. Cthulhu's Schuler. Die Herrschaft der Moster. Der Totenvogel Geisterruf. Die Herscher in der Tiefe. Zauber Zeit Magazine #29, 1991; #35, 1992. Damonen-land #72 Die Herrschaft der Monster. #105 Die Herscher in der Tiefe 1. Teil. #106 Die Herscher in Der Tiefe 2. Teil.


  • Oxy Publishing: Necroscope, Vamphyri! and The Source, Deadspeak in thick trade paper volumes.

  • Oxy Publishing: Psychomech.

  • Oxy Publishing: An anthology called Ashes of Our Soul which includes the short story The Thin People.


  • Bompiani: has published La Danza Delle Tenebre, (Dancing With The Dark), edited by Stephen Jones. This contains the short story The Challenge.

  • Out of print titles to my knowledge: La Saga Di Titus Crow. Ithaqua, Il Mostro. Ritorna Titus Crow. Il Mondo Del Sogni. Necroscope. Khai of Ancient Khem. La Luna dei Sogni. Terrore!. Mostra Di Mostri. Horroriana. Fantastiche Vachanze. Il2 Libro Dell Orrore. Il Ritorno Delgi Zombi. Kadath, Vol., 1, No. 3, Nov. 1980 Lumley Issue.

  • Anthology. Il grande libro di Dracula. Newton & Compson Editori, edited by Stephen Jones. Zack Phalanx is Vlad the Impaler. Also, Il Grande Libro Di Dracula, same reprint jacket with higher price.


  • The Compleat Crow. Gakken Publishing has now done Shadows Over Innsmouth, which is edited by Stephen Jones and contains: Dagon's Bell.

  • Out of print titles to my knowledge: Caller of the Black. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos at Last: #3 Sister City, #4 The Cyprus Shell. Leapers and Other Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos #10 Cthulhu Mythos and Myself (article). Dark Things #9 Rising With Surtsey, Deep Sea Conch. New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos #6 The Second Wish. Super Mystery Magazine 8, #33, 1983, The Cyprus Shell. Bookseller Series 319 "Frights" edited by Kirby McCauley, The Whisperer.


  • The House of Doors, Khai of Ancient Khem and The Psychomech Trilogy.

  • The Necroscope Series:  Vis a Vis Etuida Publishing House have published: Nekroskop 1: Nekroskop (Necroscope), Nekroskop 2: wampiry (Wamphyri!),  Nekroskop 3: zrodlo (The Source), Nekroskop 4: mowa umarlych (Deadspeak), Nekroskop 5: roznosiciel (Deadspawn), Nekroskop 6: bracia krwi (Blood Brothers), Nekroskop 7: ostatnie zamczysko (The Last Aerie), Nekroskop 8: krwawe wojny (Bloodwars), Nekroskop 9: stracone lata (Lost Years Volume One), Nekroskop 10: odrodzenie (Lost Years Volume Two), Nekroskop 11: najezdzcy (Invaders).

  • The Titus Crow Series: Mity Cthulhu Tytus Crow 1: Kretochlony (The Burrowers Beneath), 2: Przemiana Tytusa Crowa (Transition of  Titus Crow), 3: Zegar  Snow (The Clock of Dreams).

  • Out of print titles to my knowledge: Dom Pelen Drzwi Zemsta Khai. Psychomech. Psychoseera. Wladcy Podziemi. Hlas Krve. Dotek Zla. Nejmensi Vesmir. Vlacid S Temnotou. Ikarie Magazine 8/1994.


  • Out of print to my knowledge: The first five Necroscopes.

  •  House of Doors 1 published in hardcover with cover by Michael Whelan also in hardcover Khai of Ancient Khem and House of Doors Second Visit.

  • And now by a new publisher. Necroscope, Wamphyri!, The Source, Deadspeak.

  • Return of the Deep Ones.


  • Timun Mas, who did the first five Necroscopes in hardcover have now published them in paperback. Crónicas Necrománticas. Necroscope: El Que Habla Conlos Muertos, Vamphyri!: Vampiros!, The Source: El Origin Del Mal, Deadspeak: Ellenguaje De Los Muertos, Deadspawn: Engendro De La Muerte.

  • Out of print to my knowledge: El Que Habla Conlos Muertos. Vampiros! Los Que Ageghan En El Abismo. La Casa Des Las Puertas. El Vistante Nocturno. La Casa De Cthulhu. Horror En Oakdeene, Demogorgo. Los Mejores Relatos De Terror De Fantasy Tales.