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Necroscope (US)

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Blood Brothers cover


Copyright © 1992 by Brian Lumley
Map Copyright © 1992 by Larry Dixon
Jacket art by Bob Eggleton
ISBN: 0-312-85357-2 
Jacket Design by Joe Curcio
Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

Harry Keogh, the man who could talk to the dead, spent most of his life defending mankind from deadly alien vampires. But Harry was corrupted by the very evil he battled. Losing the fight to save his soul, and believing he had destroyed all the vampires, Harry sacrificed himself to protect Earth and the Vampire world.

Harry Keogh died too soon. In the hidden caverns on the vampire world, isolated from humankind for centuries, vampires thrived. Unclean science fed their warped appetites. Now, as they swept across the defenseless world, they found easy prey among the gypsies who had been Harry's friends and allies. Once sturdy fighters, the Travelers had grown soft during the decades of peace.

The gypsies have but one hope: the twin sons of Harry Keogh. When a vampire raid destroys their home and separates the young men, Nathan and Nestor begin perilous journeys across their world, one searching for his missing brother and his lost love, the other, amnesiac, seeking his very identity. And so it begins..


Last Aerie cover

Copyright © 1993 by Brian Lumley
Jacket art by Bob Eggleton
Jacket Design by Joe Curcio
ISBN: 0-312-85358-0
Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

Nestor and Nathan Kiklu are the twin sons of Harry Keogh, the Necroscope, the man who talked to the dead, rallying them to mankind's side for great battles against the vampires.

The twins, linked by blood and the unique mental powers they inherited from their father, are driven apart by their love for the same woman...and their very different attitudes toward the vampires who prey upon their people.

Nathan takes up the struggle against the vampires, defending home and family, while Nestor, fascinated by the vampires' unearthly powers and eerie evil, has become his twin's worst nightmare: a vampire Lord!

Nathan is imprisoned by a megalomaniac ESPer who plans to invade the vampire world. Rescued by the members of E-Branch, the British psychic-powered spy organization once led by Harry Keogh, Nathan finds himself fighting side by side with his father's oldest friends.

Nathan Kiklu, like Harry Keogh, is a necroscope. He must win the friendship of the dead before he can return to his own world.

Nestor, growing ever more powerful among the vampire hierarchy, plots the ruination of all his enemies and the complete domination of the human race.

Harry Keogh's sons have become the bitterest of enemies, each determined to destroy the other. When next they meet, one will surely die!


Bloodwars cover


Copyright © 1994 by Brian Lumley
Jacket art by Bob Eggleton
Jacket Design by Joe Curcio
ISBN: 0-312-85679-2
Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

Nestor and Nathan Kiklu are twins, united by blood and by a psychic bond inherited from their father, Harry Keogh, the Necroscope. Once so close each knew when the other breathed, they have become the bitterest of enemies, divided by the terrible evil of the Wamphyri.

Nestor, now a vampire Lord, rules a portion of the great tower known as the Last Aerie, from which he and the beautiful but deadly vampire Lady, Wratha the Risen, hunt the humans once defended by the Necroscope.

Nathan, flung through the Gate to Earth, discovers that he shares not only Harry Keogh's ability to talk to the dead but his power to travel effortlessly and instantly through space and time. Joining forces with Britain's E-Branch, a super-secret organization of psychics, Nathan returns to the vampire world to save his people.

Nathan desperately seeks a way to redeem his twin, but despite the solace he finds in the arms of his childhood sweetheart, knows his fight with Nestor must end in death - and the death of all the vampires. Blood - both living and undead - is spilled as Earthly weapons are brought to bear against the metamorphic alien Wamphyri.

The psychic powers of two worlds are united in the titanic final battle that forever changes the vampire planet...and Earth!