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Eeriecon One

A fantasy, horror and science fiction convention

April 16-18, 1999

Fallside Resort, Niagara Falls, New York

International Guest of Honor - Brian Lumley

Wamphyri Lord

ABOVE: A Wamphyri Lord showed up to the Con to say 'hi' (John Brodie is the man behind the mask)

Didn't make it to EerieCon I in Niagara?
Here is the interview you missed. Tune in for 30 minutes and find out what you missed!

Brian Lumley Interview by W. Paul Ganley at EerieCon 1999

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Ghoul Warning was released at EerieCon One.

Necronomicon Press and W. Paul Ganley: Publisher are combining to bring out a new edition of Brian Lumley's poetry collection, Ghoul Warning. This edition will feature some added material as well as new illustrations by Donald Schank.

If interested in this book, please include your name, address, and email if possible, and contact one of the following individuals:

W. Paul Ganley: Publisher
PO Box 149
Buffalo, NY 14226-0149

Marc A. Michaud, Necronomicon Press
PO Box 1304
W. Warwick, RI 02893

If you didn't get to the Con and still want one of Brian's most sought-after works, contact Paul Ganley through his email address.

Brian at the mercy of his creation!

ABOVE: A Wamphyri Lord and Lady have a request for Brian...'please sign the books that have documented our lives...' (John Brodie and his girlfriend are the undead couple)

If you were there and wish to share your experience, let us know! Swing by the contact page and get hold of ShadoeWolfe.

BELOW:(Silky is behind the camera) - taken at the Blue Lagoon

From L to R: Heather McDougle, ShadoeWolfe, Brian, Chris and Allen Koszowski