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This was the first Wamphyri picture that I ever drew. It was drawn back in 1993. A friend of mine that I used to work with had been reading the Necroscope series and initially got me hooked on it. One night we had been talking and he asked me if he gave me a description of the Wamphyri, could I draw it? I obliged him and he gave me a description out of the book. I chose the Perchorsk Gate as the background for this particular piece. I thought that it was appropriate at the time since my friend had described how the Wamphyri had sent things through it. I also chose to include a Lady because of his description of seductive beauty that was used by the Wamphyri Lady.

The best thing about this piece. was that a couple of days later while looking through a 'Star Log' Sci-Fi magazine I had come across a vinyl model of a Wamphyri Lord. Until that day I had never seen anything dealing with the Necroscope series. Both my friend and I were surprised about how close I came to the vision of the Wamphyri with just my imagination.

By far this piece. is my favorite of the Wamphyri art that I have done and I hope that you enjoy it as well.

Copyright © 1993 Seth Abel

Art by Seth Abel


This piece. was the second in my Wamphyri art. I did this picture while I was doing a tour in Bosnia. That is where I finally sat down and began to read the series for myself to fill in the details my friend hadn't told me. This picture was done in the fall/winter of 1997. Three years after my original piece.

I was engrossed in book two of the Necroscope series 'WAMPHYRI!'. In this particular piece. I was trying to capture the essence of Faethor Ferenczy during the time he passed his vampire egg onto Thibor. Also, to show somewhat of a meanness or frightful expression of the Wamphyri Lord.

Copyright © 1997 Seth Abel

Art by Seth Abel


This particular sketch of Lady Karen was done in 1999. I was reading the final book in the Necroscope series 'Deadspawn' during a trip I had made to California for a conference. During the flight my imagination began running wild with images of the Lady Karen. This sketch was a result of the images I had been thinking of.

Done in about 10 minutes with a standard ink pen I tied to catch both beauty and the beast in the sketch. Captivating beauty with a sign of aggression in her expression and stance. Dressed in regular lounging attire while she rests in her Aerie. Maybe one day I will get around to doing a finished picture now that I have a visual representation of what I think Lady Karen looks like.

Copyright © 1999 Seth Abel

Art by Seth Abel


The Wamphyri Lord, feared and relentless in their conquest and ruling of their territories. The Wamphyri Lord is a current work done in 2000 not very long ago. This piece. was done while reading the latest book from Brian Lumley 'Invaders'.

In this piece. I tried to represent the fierceness of the Lord during battle. Fangs, gauntlet, and ready for combat. The absolute picture of nightmares had by the Szgany people. The Wamphyri Lord, powerful yet vane of his own existence rushing to battle the Necroscope or a neighboring Lord for his territories and wealth.

Copyright © 2000 Seth Abel

Art by Seth Abel


Also a recent work done shortly after "Wamphyri Lord". A grim picture of the sinister Wamphyri as he schemes about his next venture. Fangs elongated ready for the kill with the evil look in his glaring red eyes. The eyes of Hell. Shrouding his thoughts from his would-be companions as he plans his move to over take them and their armies.

Copyright © 2000 Seth Abel

Art by Seth Abel


The latest peice in my Whamphyri art, 'The Captivating Whamphyri Lady', depicts the graceful, sultry, and deadly beauty of that awaits any whom dare cross her path. The term beauty is only skin deep, fits the Wamphyri Lady all to well. Don't let what you see on the outside foul you on what lies beneath. With her vampire reflexes she can be a very agile adn strong opponent when in battle or when you make her angry.

The vampire leech turns the lady's outward appearence into something that no man of this Earth or any other can resist. Using her beauty to subdue her adversaries before turning them into her slaves, lovers, or before taking them to the deepest bowls of her Aerie for use in creating her warrior creatures. Lustful in her ways like that of the Wamphryi Lords she uses her beauty to her strict advantage when engaged in compromising situations.

Copyright © 2000 Seth Abel

Art by Seth Abel