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Primal Gate Revisited

Copyright © 2000 Stryker Design Co.

It's been awhile so I thought I would go back and embellish an older view of the Primal Gate...I got a little closer to the ground this time and walked over to the other side of the crater...and look what appeared...the Aeries of the Wamphyri!! Hope you like it....

Art by Dave McDougle


Step through the Door...

Copyright © 1999 Stryker Design Co.

With the new Necroscope novel coming out soon, I felt it was necessary to go back and revise an earlier work. Not like my other pieces, this was however created with Brian's novels as the inspiration. If you haven't yet, then step through that a world so wondrous and evil, you can only imagine what awaits you.... What? No handle? use your mind.......

Art by Dave McDougle


red waste

Copyright © 1997 Stryker Design Co.

"...wave upon wave of red and black dunes, with areas between like massive blisters which had burst and turned brittle, and crumbled back into themselves, and others which were lakes of seething, bubbling, smoking chemicals.  Nathan smelled tar, sulphur, the overpowering reek of rotten eggs, the stench of morbid acids. The contours of the dunes were like wrinkles in diseased skin, as if this entire landscape were the body of some cosmic corpse dead of its lesions and infections, its flesh torn and rotting..."

from Blood Brothers © Brian Lumley 1992

Art by Dave McDougle


swamp jpg

Copyright © 1997 Stryker Design Co.

The place where the vampire is born, and all evil has its roots. Don't stand too close or smell the mushrooms.

Art by Dave McDougle


Primal Gate

Copyright © 1997 Stryker Design Co.

"It used to lie at the bottom of its crater, where only its upper surface was visible, beaming its white light up into the sky like a searchlight. It was maybe fifteen to twenty feet deep, surrounded by the crater wall."  

From Necroscope III:The Source © Brian Lumley 1989

Art by Dave McDougle


Karen's Aerie

Copyright © 1997 Stryker Design Co.

The last vestige on the Starside landscape that is habitable for Wamphyri. Note the fallen stacks in the background. This is obviously a photo taken after the fight with Harry and the Dweller. There's no flyers around, are there?

Art by Dave McDougle

All images created using Bryce from Corel and retouched in Adobe Photoshop