Harry Keogh and Other Weird Heroes

Short Story Collection of the Necroscope

KeoghCover art by Bob Eggleton


(from the jacket) Vampires, Elder Gods, Nightmares, Mysterious elixirs. Wines capable of transporting the drinker  - literally - to another world. Fossils that dream of rending flesh between their teeth. These wonders, and many more, spring from the fertile imagination of Brian Lumley.

Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes! collects eight long tales of four of Lumley's most popular creations: Titus Crow; David Hero and his companion, Eldin the Wanderer; and the original Necroscope himself, Harry Keogh, who is featured in three comletely new stories, one of them a short novel. The other stories in this collection have previously only been published in the United Kingdom.

Titus Crow: Psychic detective, master magician, destroyer of the ancient Cthulhiangods. In "Inception," we see the infant Titus at the moment his destiny falls upon him. In "Lord of the Worms," a simple seceretarial job lands Crow on a sacrificial alter. And in "Name and Number," Henri Laurent de Marigny details a battle between Titus Crow and malevolent, occult winds that can rip living flesh from bone.

David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer: once men of the waking world, now agents for King Kuranes of the Dreamlands. Sips of "The Weird Wines of Nxas Niss" send the pair on a tumultuous journey from a buxom beauty's bed to the depths of a wizard's dungeon. Then seeking his missing friend, David Hero boards an ill-fated airship that is home to "The Stealer of Dreams."

Harry Keogh, Necroscope: vampire killer without peer, capable of conversing with the dead. A sudden windfall brings Harry to Las Vegas, where he meets "Dead Eddy," a gambler whocan't resist the tempatation of one last big win - from beyond the grave! In "Dinosaur Dream," Harry's interest in fossils leads him to uncover the truth behind the death of a young amateur paleontologist...and to discover that it's not just dead people he can call on in a crisis. Harry's undying love for his mother leds him down a dangerous path in "Resurrection."

Four of Lumley's greatest heroes. Three of his most popular worlds. Tales to chill and to delight. Open the book and be swept away.