Welcome one and all to the Undead, Undying, Unforgettable Worlds of Brian Lumley. The home of all news and info regarding Brian Lumley since 1998. Through many looks and layouts - one thing has stayed the same - you come here to find out anything and everything you want to know about the Grandmaster of Horror - Brian Lumley. Explore the site, visit the forum to see past in depth discussions regarding Brian and his works, and dig deep into the Undead, Undying, Unforgettable Worlds of Brian Lumley! And remember, you must "Enter of your own free will..."

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Silky's Site

Archived News

Check out the Silky's March 2021 update on the What's Happening page on for the latest news on Audio releases, Movie News, and things to buy! Due to Yahoo closing down their SiteBuilder program March 31, 2021, Silky's site will no longer be updated but will remain archived so you can see what has gone before.

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Main Areas

Jump into the main areas of the novels to see more info on Brian's novels and collections.

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Movie News

Revelations Entertainment

You've all probably seen the info out there related to the movie news so I will link to the original article from here:

Revelations Entertainment Acquires 1980s’ Horror Cult Classic Novel Series ‘Necroscope’

Silky has updated her Facebook page related to this - nothing is set in stone but when there is more news - it will be available here! Keep your fingers crossed that something germinates this time around and we get some movement from Hollywood.

Latest News

Most of Brian's books are now out on Audio and here you will find the latest releases! Check out the new Audiobook page!

Short Tall Tales in available in paperback, ebook, and audio!

Site Under Construction

The last major redesign of the website was in 2010 - way before smartphones were the common way to vist sites and mobile layouts weren't even a consideration in site design. Have no fear though - Brian is finally coming of mobile-friendly age!

Designed for Everything

The site will look good on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone! The site has always looked clean on a normal desktop browser but now it will be easily accessible from all devices. It's been a long time coming.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Along with being responsive, the site should look good and work on all browsers. If it doesn't, well, let me know and I will see what I can do. Contact Us...

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