This is the place on the site where the addresses you've all wanted are found. Please note any requests made by Brian, Silky, or anyone else regarding their email before you send a note off. If you don't follow the rules, you might as well be wasting your time. READ before you WRITE! :) 

IMPORTANT REQUESTS FROM BRIAN AND/OR SILKY LUMLEY We are sorry to have to request all the things below but in this day and age where there are so many viruses and spam/junk mail these actions have to be taken. We thank you for your understanding. 

1. PLEASE. Before you send your e-mail be sure to check out the FAQ on the site. If your question has already been answered we ask that you please do not write. Because of the length of time it takes to answer the same questions over and over your questions will not be answered if it's in the FAQ. Thank you for your understanding. 

2. PLEASE. Keep all questions/inquiries brief and to the point when contacting us. We receive a lot of mail and it may take some time to get back, but don't worry - if your question is reasonable, it will get answered. 

3. PLEASE DO NOT send any unsolicited jpegs or document files without prior consent from Brian or Silky. Under normal circumstances these take too long to download, especially if you send a super-sized jpeg without prior knowledge. My server will only allow so much information per file and it will block downloading of all of our other mail as well. For anything over a certain amount I have to go to a special website to see what's blocking things and download. I have no control over this because this is the server's restrictions. I will automatically delete these files without even looking at them. Also, under no circumstances will any exe files be opened from anybody. 

4. Effective now and until infinity: Brian WILL NOT answer e-mails if there's no name attached. He says he doesn't talk to trees either! No mail will be answered unless there is a proper name signed somewhere in your post. Your "handle" is not enough. However, if your e-mail address is for example: <johnjohnson@xxxxxx> it tells us who you are and you don't need to sign off in the body of the text. 

5. SUBJECT. I realize it may be an inconvenience but you must put a valid subject line on your posts. Something to let us know you aren't junk mail. I can't give you any examples because of all the abusers who go to websites and send junk to everyone on the contact lists. You genuine folks will know what to put in the subject line. Mail with the subjects: Hi ... Hello ... Help will automatically be deleted as well as any mail that doesn't have a subject line. 

I can't stress how important the above points are. I spend too much time each day sorting good mail from junk mail. Although most of them are obvious there are some legitimate posts that will get deleted without following the request. And I am sorry but it can't be helped. If I had 25 cents/25 pence for every piece of junk mail we get we'd have lots of free flights to America! And I don't have the time or the inclination to jump from server to server changing mail accounts.