Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates (US Title)

Necroscope: The Lost Years Harry and the Pirates (UK Title)

Novellas and Short Story Collection

Harry and Pirates Cover

(from the jacket) Harry Keogh, the first Necroscope, is arguably Brian Lumley's greatest creation. In the Necroscope series, readers saw Harry learn to use his powers to talk to the dead and travel instantaneously to any point in space and time. They saw him take arms against the evil, twisted, metamorphic alien vampires who sought to feed off humans and enslave mankind. They saw him suffer a great personal loss and then recover his family, and later his humanity, through a new love. And they saw Harry wage the grimmest battle of his life - against the vampire he himself was becoming!

Though many of Harry's grandest adventures have taken place in the Necroscope novels, Brian Lumley is a talented and prolific writer of short fiction. In Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates, Lumley tells two (long) short tales of Harry Keogh and his weird abilities. These novellas, as well as the brand-new short "End Piece: Old Man with a Blade," appear here for the first time anywhere.

In "For the Dead Travel Slowly," Harry's quiet weekend visit to an old school chum becomes part of a twisted quest for justice when he tries to help a man prove he is innocent of murder. The real killer is a monster thousands of years old - a creeping, seductive Thing that many have met...but none have lived to speak of!

Seduction of a different sort takes place in "Harry and the Pirates," where a long-dead pirate pours his tale of woe and wonder into Harry's ear from the quiet of his grave. Even the Necroscope is not immune to tales of lust and treasure - but there's lust and there's bloodlust, and the dead pirate isn't what he seems. Thankfully, Harry Keogh has legions of the dead eager to fly to his assistance, even at the cost of dragging themselves out of their graves!

"End Piece: old Man with a Blade" gives readers a new perspective on Harry Keogh, the Necroscope. Harry has seen much of Death, but Death has also seen much of Harry...


Harry and Pirates Cover

(from the jacket) Harry Keogh makes his long awaited return as the Necroscope in this collection of novellas and short stories. Set during the fan-favourite Lost Years era of Keogh's career, these tales see the necroscope do battle with horrors both real and imagined, eternal and ethereal. in "For The Dead Travel Slowly" Harry Keogh's encounter with an old school friend leads to a fight for his very soul against an ancient evil lurking in the woods. "Harry and the Pirates" finds the Necroscope hearing the confession of a long-dead pirate but is all as it seems or is Harry being taken for a fool?