The Fantastic Art of Bob Eggleton

Bob Eggleton is my favourite weird, SF, Fantasy artist. Anyone who has read the TOR Books USA Necroscope series will know why: Bob's jackets for the entire list of Necroscope, Vampire World, Lost Years, and E-Branch books are simply terrific! And it's a fact that the jackets alone must have sold a lot of books. It's a collaboration: he drags the readers in, and I do my very best to stick hooks in them.

Several of Bob's original paintings decorate my walls, and I sincerely hope there'll be more in future. In short, I reckon that Bob and me are each other's greatest fans! He says he "got famous doing skulls for Necroscope." Well, one of the reasons I got famous was because he did them. Cheers, Bob! - Brian Lumley

Allen K.com

Allen Koszowski online! Allen K.com is the place to go when looking to obtain those wonderful black and white (and now starting to appear in color) prints that you have seen in some of Brian's Mythos books. This striking art is a must have for horror/fantasy collectors.