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  • We now have a new MessageBoard here at Brian Swing over and check it out. The old Board will still be up while you update your links and get used to the new Board, but the Links to the Old Board are now gone from the sidebar. I just don't have time to keep 2 boards running and responding. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Hope you like the new board!


  • Swing by the new addition to the site - the FAQ page!! Now you have the top Frequently Asked Questions that Brian and Silky get everyday. Check this page out if you're pondering sending Brian a question because if the answer is on this page, you won't get a reply! Sorry Charlie, but read up!


  • New graphics are up in the Necroscope area of the site. Look for more things to come in this area. Hope you enjoy!
  • New Polls are online so let your voice be heard. how do you feel about the Necroscope Saga ending and what rating should a Necroscope movie have? let us know what you think...


  • New artwork is up in the Gallery and news on Brian's next appearance in the States is on the Latest News page. Various other items updated today so check out the latest news for more info!


  • E-Branch: Invaders in softcover is now available in the UK!! Swing by and grab the paperback!

We have been informed by several US fans that pages are missing from their books. Unfortunately there is nothing that we ourselves can do about it. It is suggested that you take the book back to your bookseller for exchange. If that isn't possible you should call or write to Tor Books. You should be able to contact them through their site at We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused any fans.

Note from Tor: You can return the books to us, with an explanatory note, for a free replacement. The address is:

Tor Books
Tom Doherty Associates
175 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Silky Lumley


  • There is an interview with Brian online, over at the RLK site. Please go check it out now!!
  • There is a new interview with Brian online, done by HorrorOnline.coml! Please go check it out now!!


  • The newest Necroscope novel is now out in both the US and UK!! We've waited a long time., but the wait is over. If your local bookstore doesn't have them, order them through the site and Amazon should have them to you in a day or so!

    Necroscope: Invaders is now available in the US! If you haven't preordered your copy - go get it now!

    E-Branch: Invaders is now available in the UK! If you haven't preordered your copy - go get it now!

  • The Brian Store is now open!! Actually, everything for sale on the site is now located on one page for easier navigation. From the artwork to the t-shirts, you can get to it from there. And we can't forget about the books!! they're there too!! Check it out now!!
  • New RealPlayer file online! If you didn't make it to EerieCon, you can now hear Brian's interview online! Check it out!!
  • Maze of Worlds is out in paperback! Go to your local bookstore and pick it up or swing by the House of Doors page on the site and order it online! If you're itching for the new Necroscope, the prologue is in the back of the paperback Maze of Worlds!!
  • EerieCon has come and gone. For those who got there, I hope you had a good time. For those who didn't and are wondering what it's about, or want to see what they missed, check out this page. It will be updated with pictures and stories once they come in.


  • New area of the site is up! Necroscope only is now online. Laid out in a way to answer most of your questions, I hope you like it. Jump over there now!